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Modern businesses can transform the way they keep track of their accounts and collect their financial data by using accounting software. Cornel Accountants recommends introducing high-quality software to your business. From sole traders and start-ups to large corporations, every business can benefit from accounting technology, and use it to their advantage.

Mobile accounting makes bookkeeping more flexible

Another feature of contemporary companies is the time they spend away from the office. Especially in the industrial trades, work increasingly takes place on-site or on the go. Being away from the office used to mean the accounts had to wait for an update later – but with mobile applications, expenses and income can be tracked in real time, wherever you are.

Why real-time recording increases the accuracy of accounts

Successful accounting requires extremely close attention to detail. Whether you keep your accounts on paper or use software, you need to input all figures precisely in order to get accurate results. If you have several days’ worth of information to update in your books, there is a higher chance of something being forgotten or missed out. If transactions are recorded as soon as they occur, the end totals will be far more accurate when it comes to balancing the books.

Mobile software available for any device

There are several great accounting apps available for mobile devices, including phones and tablets. Almost all are Android compatible, and many also work with iOS devices. Just about everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket already, so there is no need to invest in any additional equipment. It removes the need to carry a large laptop around, and you can even send invoices from within the app.

Some of the best products on the market include FreshBooks, Xero Touch, and Expensify. Every company is different and has different accounting needs. Our chartered accounts can advise on the right kind of mobile accounting app for your needs, and help you and your company to implement it into the daily work routine. Take your accounts on the go with you. Track costs, price jobs, check your accounts, create invoices and more – all from your mobile, wherever you are.

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