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With our experience and expertise, plus our seasoned network of finance professionals, we can help you with project work. 

Project services:

–  R&D Tax Relief


–  EMI Options

–  Share Buy Back

–  Business Plan

Fixed fees agreed upfront

We’ll take care of your project work for a fixed and all-inclusive fee that we’ll always agree with you upfront. From R&D tax relief and SEIS/EIS support, to EMI options and business planning, we’ll help you navigate and complete all required work and filings for each project.

On time, every time

We’ll make sure that any filings required are prepared and submitted on time with both HMRC and Companies House. Relax, knowing it’s all taken care of for you. 

Switch accountants

Subject to your approval of our quote, switching to us from your current accountant is easy. We’ll handle the entire process for you and ensure a smooth handover in a timely fashion. 

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