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Cornel Accountants will do everything possible to make the bookkeeping process easy for you. But, there are still things you can do to make it easier for yourself. Follow these five top tips and you’ll enjoy stress-free bookkeeping.

Be organised

It sounds obvious, but you need to go to the effort of keeping your documents in order. This means they’ll be easier for you to keep track of, and easier to lay your hands on when you need them. It also allows your accountants to provide you with a more efficient service.

Track your expenses

You can usually claim back a variety of business expenses on your tax return. Where possible, make sure you use a dedicated business credit card or get receipts. It will help you to categorise your business expenses by type, making it easier to keep a running tally over the course of the month.

Separate business and pleasure

This really applies most to small businesses and single-person operations. It’s tempting to just use the one bank account, but your bookkeeping can become a tangled mess in a hurry. You should always go to the effort of opening and using a dedicated business bank account, even if you’re your only employee.

Embrace the cloud

Cloud accounting can make bookkeeping much easier. It allows simpler and quicker communication between you and your accountant. It’s also a more secure way of storing important documents. There’s also the added benefit of cloud accounting offering an intuitive way to navigate a large volume of files in a short space of time.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is important to make sure you’re able to make informed financial decisions. When you’re taken off guard, you make mistakes. Accurate long-term bookkeeping depends upon being able to analyse the data you have already to establish your current position and future course. Specialist software makes this much easier.

Help us to help you

By following these five top tips, you’ll be helping us provide you with a professional and reliable bookkeeping service. Small changes make a big difference, so don’t wait to change things for the better.

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