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Like any developing and successful technology, cloud accounting is subject to a series of rumours and misconceptions that can prevent small businesses from implementing it. Cloud accounting has many benefits to offer your business, so, letting these false perceptions taint your understanding means you’re missing out.

Here are three of the most common misconceptions that seem to persist regarding cloud accounting.

The cloud isn’t safe

It’s an oft-cited concern that there are security issues with the cloud. Your important documents are much safer lost in a mess in your office than stored as 1s and 0s in the cloud, right? Wrong! The reality of the matter is that the cloud is highly secure. This makes it ideal for storing sensitive data in a reliable and accessible way. Not only does it offer those security improvements, but it also improves the efficiency with which employees communicate.

Cloud accounting is expensive

New technology is often associated with cost, cloud accounting is no different. While cloud accounting certainly isn’t free, you might be amazed to learn how affordable cloud accounting actually is. Not only do you make savings on necessary equipment outlay, but you also save time and improve the efficiency of your business operation. That means for a small amount of investment, you get to experience a range of tangible business benefits.

It’s difficult to implement

Shifting all of your accounting needs to the cloud might sound like a long and laborious task. It’s true that there will be some time and effort required. But, as with all things, when you deal exclusively with a team of experienced professionals, the implementation is remarkably efficient. Cloud accounting is a wise investment for a small business, as there is less information to be transitioned into the cloud. The more you wait and the larger you grow, the longer it will take.

Taking the leap into cloud accounting is something more and more businesses are doing – with great results to show for it. If you’re interested in benefitting yourself, let the friendly and highly experienced team at Cornel Accountants know today.

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