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One of the major things that any new start-up or SME needs to get to grips with is their finances. The issue for many new entrepreneurs is that old-fashioned ways of accounting are time-consuming and also pretty dull to use! The great news now for all SME owners around the country is that Cloud accounting solutions have arrived to make it all much better.

One of the most well-used and popular Cloud accounting solutions to think about is Xero. This is a totally digital and online way of keeping your business finances in check. But what are the main benefits of moving your accounting into the Cloud with Xero?

Access your accounts anytime, anywhere

One of the things many Xero users love is how easy it is to see your latest accounts online. As long as you have an internet connection then you can log-in and see real-time accounts data for your business. As Xero is compatible across devices, this can be done on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC for complete flexibility.

Simple to use with many powerful features

Let’s face it – most business owners are not natural accountants with a love for complex sets of figures! Xero is the ideal solution here as it is so easy to use. The intuitive layout and interface make it simple to find what you want and carry out any key accounting functions online. It is also packed with lots of cool features like the production of online invoices and options for clients to pay faster digitally to drive business growth.

It has no hidden costs

Although you will naturally pay a monthly fee to use this Cloud accounting solution, beyond that there are no other costs to pay. With no ongoing hardware or support costs and any upgrades being free of charge, it means you can budget accordingly and with total confidence.

Move to the Cloud today

Xero is a great accounts tool that shows just how effective and efficient Cloud-based accounting is. Compared to more traditional ways, like keeping numerous Excel spreadsheets updated, there is no contest!

However, we understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to deal with their own accounts in the Cloud. If you would like expert help on doing this, then give us a call today on 01494 722 740. Our monthly packages include Xero accounting software as well as a whole host of other features to keep your business finances in order.

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